My Journey on Discovering Self and Earth Magic

"  Your breath is the crossover between Spirit and physical reality."

 I found myself at the apex of a series of unfortunate events, which propelled me to undergo a relationship with solitude. The universe was trying to get my attention through the loss of my father and husband to cancer, and in the course of time, my mom moving to another state.  Furthermore,  having to deal with rejection and more heart ache from a family I thought I was once a part of, as well as someone very dear to me , who quickly came in and out of my life.  Relentlessly, I believed that people and situations are placed as well as removed from our lives for a reason. The underlying lesson that came up repeatedly, for me,  was how imperative it is to always maintain faith during dispiriting times, or learning how to.   In order to fathom why, I had to go to a higher level of consciousness.  

      After months of sleepless nights and obsessive thoughts of worry, fear and anxiety , my mental, emotional and physical health began to decline and found myself not wanting to deal with the world.  Fears of being alone set in, with shame and guilt at the forefront. This prolonged murky period drew every superficial element in all sectors of my life,  to the surface.  A spectrum of  repressed and painful emotions came up for me as I set in motion my shadow work and took a personal inventory of my life.  It coerced me to question and gauge whether or not I have been doubtlessly living an authentic life. There were truths about myself I contended with, that weighed heavily on my heart.  

Non-acceptance, fighting the ebb and flow of my own feelings,  denying my hurt, anger, and sorrow by attaching myself or over nurturing them by smoothing over my feelings with more practiced responses that denied and concealed what was taking place beneath the surface of my expression. Any attempts in constricting myself from experiencing my emotions, I know for certain, was equivalent to, trying to control the tides of the ocean that grew even more forceful with every human attempt I made to control them. Despite the social norms,  my tough skin was to be shed in place of the embodiment of being vulnerable.  The only solace I found was through meditation and prayer, and conjointly procuring conversations with my Higher Power querying to show me the way to release me from the pain and mental anguish I was experiencing.

"  Discard any habitual thought patterns that would prevent the manifestation of what you are being prompted to bring forth."

Subsequently, I connected to this inner knowing without knowing, to rely on my intuition to lead me.  This inner voice became blatant and I came into the realization that life consists of cycles and completions.  In hindsight, I took heed in how dwelling in the past no longer served me. In turn, there was an evolving appreciation  for this inevitable shift that was occurring externally,  but more so,  internally. My, " inner compass,"  was at work, turning anything in my entity, that was in reverse,upright for my best and highest good and of all involved.  An inner knowing granted me to break the shackles from all attachments and bonds that created illusions in my life. The more I prayed for answers, the more I was being guided to let go.  Through Reiki and other modes of holistic healing, emotional and energetic transactions within myself that were imbalanced, began to stabilize.  In being still, and having been illuminated,  I came to appreciate all the blessings in my life, even if things weren't going so well in my life.  Continually, I discovered something to be grateful for and turned my focus on what I did have, rather than what I didn't have.  Reformation of the way my energy within me made more conscious of the personal power that has been stagnant for years.  It opened my eyes to develop my sense to grieve well over any losses, by neither denying it nor drowning in it.   Through empathy for myself, I consummated the idea to see and accept people, things, and situations in my path for who and what they truly are, rather than what I expect them to be.  

"  Allow Yourself to take risks with this self-expression, and all of the Creation will smile upon you."

I challenged myself to evolve into the master of my emotions.  Feelings of shame, guilt and fear that came from circumstances in my life led to self-actualization. By balancing  my empathetic nature that I've attained with a fiery inspiration, I was able to forgive myself and others.   Life taught me how to be more compassionate with myself.   I continue to clear old energies, thought patterns and behaviors that block me from living an emotionally fulfilled life.  By doing the inner work and during this lifetime process of healing, and being fully in tune with something greater than myself I shifted my energy to a positive one and raised my vibrations and opened up to receiving the blessings of life.    I am being shown a new way to live my life.   Unequivocally, taking on the meaning of humanity, the human condition and the struggles of life, I became cognizant of the idea, that no matter how different we are on the outside, or whatever painful life experiences we withstand, individually, we all hurt.  And that,  we are all in the process of transformation in our lives.

   Having ownership of my truth, during such a pivotal time in my life, I connected to my passions and used the knowledge and power i've attained in a way that benefits my well being and of the greater good.  Cultivating my intuition, and sustaining fully in the present is what drives me towards my goals and dreams.  The awareness of these changes in my life is a powerful evocation of the sterling qualities in my personality and spiritual self.   This inner, sacred knowledge, prodded me, that all the love I searched for  in the external world, was already inside me. By means of my work, and denoting energy healing as a vessel of love and peace, as well as serving as a spiritual council for others, I am being shown and bearing the love that radiates from being veraciously connected with others on an extensive and succinct level. 

Now,  I assuredly know the meaning of the expression, "One world, one love," and aspire to, by virtue of this work,  the experience of oneness.  

    We are love, we are one.    

 And so, here I am, embarking on my life purpose, from a spiritual essence, on account of a new and creative adventure.  A journey attributed to manifesting a life consisting of infinite possibilities, one brimming with abundance and love.